Solid oak furniture like that sold on Kalusto Furniture, makes a welcome addition to any garden, be it as a centrepiece, or just somewhere to sit with friends or family in the summer. Oak is a material with many advantageous features that make it perfect for garden furniture.

Oak is a deciduous hardwood, meaning that it loses its leaves in the Winter, and is used in many crafts such as boat building, gate posts, quality furniture, and these days, even garden furniture. It also grows best in temperate climes, so much of the solid oak furniture you see in shops may have been grown and crafted right here in Britain.

As a building or carpentry material, oak is hard, durable, and very strong. As such, it’s more suited to use outside than other wooden furniture, as it lends itself well to oiling and staining, as opposed to painting. Softwoods, like pine, are another common alternative to hardwood furniture such as oak. Although slightly cheaper than solid oak furniture, pine has a tendency to bend or warp, even when treated. Oak has a natural resilience to these imperfections and bears up better under the same stresses.

Solid oak furniture also tends to be less common than pine or birch, so you’ll really feel that you’ve made a special purchase for your home or garden – quite apart from the fact that it tends to be better quality! Quality and rarity don’t necessarily have to mean extra expense, though – licensed oak traders and outlets can offer a very reasonable rate on all oak furniture.

Easily sculpted, planned, and finished by a carpenter, oak’s easy workability allows it to lend itself both to rustic and modern designs, rendering it one of the most versatile building materials. Unlike metal and plastic, those old fall-backs when it comes to garden furniture, which may rust or become brittle over time, solid oak furniture will bear up very well under heavy rain and sun. And inside the house, it will comfortably outlast any veneer-covered chipboard articles you might have, due to its durability and strength.

Solid oak furniture is long-lasting and versatile, and the perfect material for your new garden furniture set. If you’re looking for something stylish that will stand the tests of time, weather, and use, perhaps it’s time for you to look no further. Oak could be your ticket to a swanky new garden, perfect for family occasions, parties, or just relaxing in the sun.



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