The bathroom is a very important room of the house for most people, as it is almost a sacred space where they can take time out of a busy day to relax; for this reason, it is important that the bathroom is comfortable and inviting. If you feel this does not describe your bathroom, it is probably time to think about calling the local plumber to discuss a remodel. Not only will redoing your bathroom make it into an inviting space where you can unwind after a long day, but it is also one of the most profitable ways you can invest in your home.

An updated bathroom with modern features like a freestanding bath or even a jet tub can be an essential selling point if putting your house on the market. If your bathroom is old and outdated, you can only expect lowball offers from would-be buyers. A person looking to purchase a home is generally very critical of the bathroom, and if it is not up to scratch, you can be sure they will be thinking about the amount of money that would need spending to update it. Some buyers will not even consider making an offer on a home with an outdated bathroom or kitchen.

Some of the features you will see in modern bathrooms include heated tiles and fittings, and fixtures made of natural stone. A cast stone freestanding bath is a beautiful addition to any bathroom and will make it look very elegant and sophisticated. However, these baths are rather large and heavy, so they are not the best option for smaller rooms or houses that may not have a sturdy structure. However, if your bathroom space is adequate, an open floor plan with the carved stone freestanding bath in the centre of the room and natural lighting would look stunning.

Needless to say, like when reforming any other room of the house, an entire bathroom renovation can be rather expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere between five and £30,000 depending on the remodeling project and the types of materials you decide to use. The final bill will also vary greatly depending on how much work you can do yourself.

If you are on a limited budget and cannot afford a complete remodel, you can significantly improve the bathroom’s appearance by implementing some easy decorating techniques. Just switching your old outdated light fixtures for modern contemporary lamps will make a huge difference. Adding storage cabinets and placing all your toiletries inside will also help make the bathroom look much more extensive and less cluttered. Switching old taps for new ones is another relatively low-cost way to give the room an updated appearance, and soft furnishes like rugs, new curtains, and window blinds can help make a huge difference.

If you do an outstanding job of remodeling the smallest room in the house, likely, you will never want to leave, and it will be money very well spent.



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