Buying a bed seems so complicated. There are so many choices in both style and price. What is the difference? Why does this mattress cost £1599, and this one, which looks the same, is only £199? Why does one cost so much more? Don’t they do the same thing? To answer that question, we must first be clear of our terms. A bed is a frame, rails, headboard, foot board, and slats. It may or may not include the mattress.

Very often, if you ask for a bed in a furniture store, you will be shown the wood or brass headboard, and footboard, or often a divan bed, which can be found through a divan bed delivered the next day site. Although there are many diverse styles to choose from, they are typically all the same. The price may vary greatly, just as a mattress does. The type of material the bed is made from, the manufacturer, the design, all these factors can affect the price.

Perhaps you would like a four-poster bed, or a canopy. The amount of material will also affect the price. The more wood used the more expensive. Makes sense, right? Similarly, mattresses are also priced according to their design, the amount of material, and the style. You can buy small double beds for as little as £70 in some online stores. Is this a good buy? It depends. If you are buying a mattress for a spare bed that does not get used a lot, it may be sufficient. For long term use it is likely to be less comfortable and will wear faster than a better-made mattress.

A mattress with more coils and more padding will add comfort. It will also add longevity to the life of the mattress. It is not unusual for a mattress to last ten or more years if not abused. In fact, some mattresses are warranted for ten years or more. Treated well, a mattress should well outlive it is the guarantee. How many automobiles do that? You might prefer what is known as a Pillow Top mattress. Or even a Memory Foam mattress. Each has its good and bad points. And it is a very subjective thing. What you like someone else may not like. That is why there are so many different styles and firmness of mattresses. Some people like a very firm mattress. Some people like a softer mattress.

In order to find what you like, try several. Take it for a test drive, so to speak. Lay down fully on a mattress as you would when you sleep. Please remove your shoes; thank you and see how the mattress feels. Are you comfortable? I believe that is the best way to buy a mattress. If you are not comfortable, you will not sleep as well. and is not that what a bed is for. Good Night!



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